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Join Our Local Communities of Loyalty Merchants and...

  • Acquire new customers and reduce under-utilization
  • B2B & B2C opportunities 
  • State of the Art CRM
  • Bind your customers to your business
  • Create planning security and stability for your business
  • Achieve higher customer frequency and average sales
  • Reduce your costs
  • Generate an additional income through purchases at other businesses


Lion's Share Network has partnered with the world leader in customer loyalty. As one of our Loyalty Merchants, not only will you become part of a global Shopping Community with millions of Members but you will also be marketed cross-media on all channels. That means more visibility, a greater scope, accurate addressing of target groups and more sales without high additional costs. Take advantage of this opportunity now!

Through Lion's Share affiliate marketers, local, small to mid-sized businesses are able to level the playing field and compete against the Big Box Stores head-to-head for customer loyalty. Through our customer loyalty program local businesses are able to connect with prospective clients and customers in a way that has never been seen before. Lion's Share Marketers, and loyalty customers will be seeking you out and flocking to take advantage of your cashback and "Shopping Point" deals.

“Cash back with every purchase” is our motto.

Cash back with every purchase is the key element that draws customers to local businesses by the millions each and every day, in countries all around the world. Contact Lion's Share Network today to learn how your business can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Join Loyalty Merchant Program

With thousands of local, regional and international merchants and millions of members in more than 40 countries, Lyoness has become the premiere global shopping community and loyalty program! Shoppers enjoy multiple ways to shop and earn cash back – online, in-store with their Lyoness Cashback Card and with merchant gift cards. This loyalty program is built on creating lasting relationships that benefit the merchants and members. As the shopping community grows, the merchants receive more sales, and in turn, they can provide increased rewards. With loyalty, everyone wins!

Top of Mind 365 days a year!
Get your company logo inside the wallets of your Customers with your own Customer Loyalty Card! Benefit from your own design. All Loyalty Customers will see your design and will be reminded each time to shop at your business which will increase your sales! To record your Loyalty Customers purchases through our custom  app!
More sales through easier communication with your customers!
Send target group oriented newsletters to your Loyalty Customers and show what you have to offer.
This will continually create incentives for your Loyalty Customers to shop at your business and you will at the same time increase customer frequency and sales!
Easily Manage all customers – from sales to email addresses and even birthdays!
With the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) you will be able to send offers targeted to top customers or to the reactivation of customers.
Actively manage your sales with the CRM of your Cashback Program!
Retrieve important key figures for business management
Recognize and correct undesired sales developments and improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities so you can actively control the course of your business.

Do any of the above opportunities sound interesting? If so, you can contact us  during normal business hours by calling 510.421.2255 -- or via email @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- When contacting us via email please include the subject of the inquiry, the best way to reach you as well as the best time to contact you!

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