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If I, Would You?

If I invested in you, would you invest in others?

This is one simple premise of the Lion's Share Network.

My personal commitment to my team is that I will invest my time, talent and energy into each of them as long as they are willing to pay it forward and help others achieve their goals.

Prosperity, in my mind is much more than the acquisition of wealth and and the luxuries of life. I get the greatest blessing and spiritual benefit when I see the lightbulb come on in someone's countenance when they realize that they can do something to get out of their negative economic circumstances.

Are You On the 40/40/40 plan?

For most of my adult life I had been on that 40/40/40 plan. This is the traditional career path of most Americans -- work 40+ hours a week for 40+ years and retire on about 40% of what they are just barely getting by on now. This was even true when I was running my own business as a sole proprietor.  My income was intrinsically connected to my own effort and the number of productive hours available in one day. If I was sick, on vacation, or not able to book billable hours, I did not get paid.

Luckily, someone shared this plan with me and my own lightbulb came on. Now I am in the mode of paying it forward -- I am willing to invest in your future if you're willing to do the same!

The 20/20/20 Plan

My plan is simple. This is the 20/20/20 plan -- commit to 20 hours a week, for 20 months, and I will teach you how to develop a business that will generate 20 times what you are currently making. 

This is a commission sales business with a generous bonus structure -- not MLM; no soaps, solutions or supplements to sell. Our marketers do not need to stock any products! We have no minimum orders or annual membership fees.

How Many People Do You Want to Help?

If that sounds intriguing, my only question is -- How many people do you know who you would like to help do the same thing?

Contact me to learn more information about this exciting opportunity. Our next FREE Business Development Workshop is this coming Thursday evening in Upland, CA. Space is limited so a firm RSVP is required.

Michael Callahan
President, Lion's Share Network, L.L.C.
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