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Piggy Bank

What did you learn about money from your parents? Anything?

For most of us the basis of our early childhood financial education revolved around the Piggy-Bank. Unless you have a "Rich Dad" like Robert Kiyosaki, I'm pretty sure most of you don't have a clue about the basics of retirement planning, wealth accumulation, assets and liabilities or the power of compounding. Like the old Bob Dillon song goes, "The Times They Are a Changing."
Teach your children wealth building principles
I don't know about you , but money would always burn that proverbial hole in my pocket. One of the toughest thing I had to do was to drop most of my allowance, Christmas and birthday haul into my piggy bank. I get it now. My parents were doing what their parents had taught them -- save a percentage of every dollar they received. I also remember the day that my grandfather took me down to the bank and we opened my very 1st savings account. The prospect of having someone else add money to my bank account seemed magical!
Kids Piggy Banks 

Most kids, even today have piggy banks and are being taught the same principles of another era.

One very important thing that I've learned is that a piggy bank can only hold just so much -- and mine was full. My grandfather explained that by placing my treasure into a savings account it would earn interest -- 6% way back in the 60s. 6% is unheard of these days. Considering that the current top 10 banks offer only .75-1.11% return rate, putting a portion of your earnings into a savings account makes virtually no sense. Money in the bank these days does not even keep up with inflation. On top of that, most banks have minimum balance requirements and fees that can eat away at the principle.
The simple truth is that the savings, investment and retirement strategies of my grandfather's time don't make any sense in this millennium. Are you still working with the financial wisdom of the past century? Considering the dismal standards of modern saving accounts, the ever rising cost of living, and stagnant wages it's no wonder that most Americans are unable to acquire any savings equity. They might as well just stuff all their hard earned cash into a piggy-bank.
How much can your piggy-bank hold?

How Much Money Can Your Piggy-Bank Hold

What if you had the opportunity to stuff $75 into one piggy bank and place it into a program  that produced 320 identical piggy-banks? Sounds pretty incredible, right? These piggy-banks are actually bonuses and commissions from our national and international shopping network. This is a real-world opportunity that is taking the world by storm! This phenomenal program is available in 46 countries and millions of people are taking advantage of opportunity.  This program has been vetted and verified -- acquiring ISO 9001 certification, adhering to the strict legal requirements of each nation we have a presence. This opportunity is also endorsed by hundreds of the world's leading consumer retailers. 
This program revolves around a unique business model that started in Austria a little over 13 years ago. The initial startup group was 6 individuals and 3 merchants. Now we have over 6,000,000 members and nearly 1,000,000 places to shop. We have the world's largest shopping network and the world's largest merchant network. Our business focus is teaching our members how to shop within our merchant network and receive CashBack and Loyalty Rewards with every purchase. 
I am having great success building my team of marketers who are excited about acquiring their own piggy-banks. Shopping members can save OVER $1,500 per year, simply by redirecting their shopping within our network. Our marketers can achieve over 20 times their current income. This is commissioned sales, not network marketing. Members shop for free, at places they already shop. 
Our marketers are generally trying to do better for themselves, their families and loved ones. They've discovered that the world has changed since their grandparent's time. They understand that traditional career paths and savings strategies of the past are not viable today.
How many piggy-banks do you want?

How Many Piggy Banks Do You Want?

If you're ready to leave the old world methods behind and do something better for yourself, the only question you should have is "How do I Get Started Acquiring Some Piggy-Banks of My Own?" My question would be "How Many Piggy-Banks Do You Want?"
Contact the Lion's Share Network for more information on how our Shared Customer Loyalty and Loyalty Rewards program can benefit your business.
Michael Callahan
President, Lion's Share Network, L.L.C.
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