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Here is my offer to each and every friend, family member or business associate -- in virtually every region, state or country: Find 5 or more friends in your region who are looking for an alternative to their current job or business trajectory -- and I WILL DRIVE or FLY in and facilitate a business development workshop just for you! 

Work With the World's Largest Customer Loyalty Network -- Supporting the World's Largest Merchant Network

This is is quite simply the best vehicle I've found to create FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. This program started in Austria 13 years ago with 6 members and 3 merchants. We are currently in 46 Countries, with nearly 60,000 merchants and over 5,000,000 members -- complying with the strict regulatory requirements in each. In every country where we have a presence and is developing strategic relationships with both major brands and Small to medium size enterprises.

Unlike most multilevel marketing companies, over 97% of our members are are shoppers. Membership is, and always will be FREE. Shoppers will never be required to have minimum orders, no auto-ship requirements, and we have no products to stock or sell. The premise is simple -- re-direct a portion of your shopping through our network and receive #CashBack and #LoyaltyRewards with every purchase. Shoppers also receive a Friendship Bonus when they their friends and family and they shop within the network.

No Potions, Lotions, Supplements or Pills to Stock or Sell!

Have Passport Will Travel

When you sign up as a Marketer you will be able to participate in our bonus programs, and experience greater benefits from our world-wide loyalty rewards opportunities.

Merchants within the Lyoness network benefit with more customers/clients, lowered operational costs, adding an additional revenue stream and more.

Contact me soon to get on my rapidly expanding schedule!



Michael Callahan 


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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