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3 Questions that Changed My Life

Sometimes it is the simplest things that make the biggest impact. In fact, in this case the questions were so seemingly insignificant I almost missed their profound impact.

It was just a little over two years ago that a good friend of mine asked me three simple questions:

  1. "When was the last time you put gas in your car?"
  2. "Did you get anything in return other than gas?" and,
  3. "Would you like to?"

Those three questions were repeated a few more times in regards to groceries, dining out, and entertainment. 

Some people are a little slower than others. It took me about 18 months to fully grasp the full impact of what my friend was telling me. It could have been that I was so seemingly secure in my own business paradigm of the moment that I was not ready to listen to other options. Besides, how could "SHOPPING" become a vehicle to financial independence? My hesitance may also have been related to my less than stellar experience with a few "network marketing" businesses I've tried in the past. Until now, everyone of them required that I make a list of my closest 100 friends and family, purchase products that I didn't need, have monthly order requirements, and other requirements that didn't work for me.

What I've since re-discovered is that the U.S. Economy accounts for about 25% of the world's goods and services sold. Virtually everyone shops. Everyone needs certain basics just to survive -- food for the table, gas for their cars, and clothing. Even in the darkest economic times these staples of existence will be in constant demand.

Billionaire Warren Buffet says that "if there is something you like to do, make it your hobby. If there is something that the whole world does, make it your business."

In retrospect, I've also re-learned the most important aspect of network marketing -- the power of compounding, leveraging the time, talents and treasure of others. As an individual person, employee or even as  a self-employed individual, my income potential is limited by how many productive hours I could squeeze into one day. You see, during the previous couple of years, relying on my own efforts I was not making any headway towards my goals of financial independence. When I was looking for clients I was not producing an income, when I was working on a particular contract I was not looking for now jobs. It was a vicious cycle that had to be broken.

Yes, it took hearing those three questions a second time. The 1st time I said yes to the program as a way to just help a friend. I never did anything with the opportunity until I re-heard the invitation 18 months later. Yes, just re-directing your shopping can save you about $1,500 a year -- on things you are already purchasing -- at places you already shop! However, when shopping becomes your business it can become life-changing. 

The plan is simple -- find two people who are disillusioned with the 40/40/40 plan. You know what I mean, tired of working 40 hours a week for 40 years and planning on retiring on about 40%  of what they are just getting by on now. Then just duplicate -- help those two find their two. No list of 100 warm prospects. No soaps, solutions or minimum orders. Just facilitating a network of shoppers. It works. It has been working for the past 13 years, now in 47 countries, meeting the strict legal requirements in each. Gaining the support of some of the world's leading brands. We currently have over 5 million shoppers with over a billion dollars of revenue. The way things are growing we are expecting annual revenue of $400 Billion within the next 4 years.

I am excited, my personal network is growing. I am focused on growing the number of local merchants, marketers and shoppers. Because if no shopping happens, no one makes any money!

And this excitement is still based upon three simple questions!

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