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The LSN Basics

The Lion's Share Network (LSN) is all about providing opportunities -- these opportunities are options for individuals and businesses to thrive! We do this by facilitating strategic partnerships and networks that maximize savings for consumers while enhancing customer loyalties and profitability for local businesses -- in every community!

Creating Business Opportunity
Lion's Share Network has joined with the world's leader in shopper loyalty programs -- Lyoness as an independent marketing group.
Lyoness is virtually on every continent, partnering with major brand retailers as well as regional and local merchants who offer cash-back and other loyalty incentives to individual customers. Simply by switching up their buying and utilizing cash back and loyalty rewards , customers around the globe are regularly experiencing 1-5% in savings by shopping at participating local merchants -- just like yours. Keep in mind, these savings are realized primarily by shopping at the same locations they are already frequenting, and buying products they would normally purchase. Through the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant Network you are able to offer savings through both traditional shopping and online e-commerce options.
When you become part of the Lyoness Loyalty Rewards Network you will benefit by increased sales, repeat business and lower marketing expenses. Lyoness loyalty merchants are provided with a suite of tools that allow them to easily sign up new customers, track sales, manage marketing efforts and track ROI.
In this economy, we all do.... no matter what industry we're in, or what job we have, or where we live. Financial stress is one of the leading causes of poor health today, and it is not getting any better. Fortunately, you can solve that problem and address your financial woes for good by taking advantage of the unique benefits offered through the Lion's Share Network. At LSN We Are Dream Builders, providing opportunities for individuals to succeed.
  • B2B/B2C Marketing Business:  As an  independent Lyoness Marketing partner, LSN is helping people just like you realize their dream of starting and operating successful businesses all across the United States and even around the globe. Start-up costs are minimal and your profit potential is only limited by the size of your dream. The LSN group of independent marketers is committed to providing you with the tools, leadership and support you will require to succeed.
  • Health & Wellness Business: Is your focus on health & Wellness? This is a huge, multi-billion dollar business segment. In this business arena LSN has partnered with the Diabetes and Weight Loss Network, offering offering an amazing opportunity for health-minded individuals to start their own Health Coaching business. We have a proven plan and products available. Combine this opportunity with education, certification and on-going mentorship and you have an unparalleled health-centered business opportunity.
  • Culinary Business: Is food your focus? Here is another option -- Combine your passion for food with a career! We have partnered with Chef Callahan, one of Southern California's premier chefs to support local chefs and catering companies. Chef Callahan offers a variety of services including: catering referrals,personal chef referrals, chef certification, background checks and business liability insurance. Basically, Chef Callahan puts in place everything you need to operate a successful  culinary career.
  • Change Your Water, Change Your Life: LSN is partnering with the manufacturer of the world's premier alkaline water system. Through this unique, medical-grade device, not only are people experiencing amazing health benefits, but making a respectable living as independent business representatives.
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Contact the Lion's Share Network ASAP to learn more about this exciting opportunity.
Contacting Lion's Share Network

Do any of the above opportunities sound interesting? If so, you can contact us  during normal business hours by calling 510.421.2255 -- or via email @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- When contacting us via email please include the subject of the inquiry, the best way to reach you as well as the best time to contact you!

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